The Best Dentist Office in Daleville

Finding a dentist that you trust can be a daunting task. You not only want a dentist office that provides you with great services but also great customer service as well. You deserve to be treated kindly from the moment you call to schedule your appointment to the moment you leave with a clean, healthy, and happy mouth. But where is the best dentist office in Daleville? 

Cross, Lavinder, Quinn and Park is the best dentist office in Daleville

What makes our dentist office stand out from among the others? 

  • Services: We not only offer the typical cleaning and whitening services but also several other “mouth changing” services as well: 
    • Preventive Dentistry: Most dentist offices will offer cleaning and oral cancer screening, but we take preventive dentistry one step further. We offer mouthguards and night guards to prevent the wearing down of teeth in intense situations or for vivid dreamers. We also include a flouride treatment that will help prevent tooth decay and provide overall great health for your teeth. 
    • Sleep Apnea Treatment: Sleep Apnea may be caused by many factors: genetics, poor posture, enlarged tonsils, and other issues. Sleep Apnea is a serious condition that may sometimes cause someone to stop breathing during sleep. We want to help treat your Sleep Apnea before it gets even close to this point. Here are a few symptoms of Sleep Apnea if you think you or someone you know may have it: 
      • Loud Snoring
      • Restless Sleep
      • Serious Daytime Sleepiness
      • Headaches
      • Weight Gain
      • Extended Pauses in Breathing During Sleep
      • Irritability or Personality Change
    • TMJ/TMD: There are a number of things that can cause TMD, but the most common is subconsciously clenching or grinding your teeth. If you think you are affected by TMJ/TMD, we will begin a treatment plan based on your individual needs after testing.  
  • Customer Service: We want you and your family to feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible when entering our dentist office. We understand that some may be nervous when visiting any dentist, but our dentists all have great experience and excellent bedside manner. 

Are you ready to have the best smile in Daleville from the best dentist office? Contact one of our three offices today to schedule your appointment and get your teeth on the right track for a healthier, happier smile.