Our Dental Technology and Capabilities

At Cross, Lavinder, Quinn, & Park Family Dentistry, we work to provide a professional and friendly atmosphere for everyone in every area of our offices. We want our patients to know that every part of what we do is important, and the technology we use is no different. All of our equipment is the best in the industry because we want only the best for every patient we see. With safety and efficiency in mind, we chose dental equipment that we know will provide better, more accurate scans and results, making your dental visits better and more informative.

Digital X-Rays

Our digital x-rays allow us to check for cavities and the development of growing teeth, specifically in children. We can also see cavities even if they are just forming and see the root of your teeth to ensure there are no underlying conditions to address. With the quality of our digital x-ray machines, we can quickly and clearly see any unknown hidden oral issues that have not yet completely serviced, allowing us to take care of the problem before it creates an even bigger issue later on. We recommend digital x-rays at least once a year, but depending on past oral exams, we may recommend more frequently in some cases.

Our digital x-ray machines are safe and provide quality pictures quickly so we can assess each patient’s oral needs right away. Based on the information provided by the x-rays, we can plan your dental treatment accordingly or let you know your teeth are strong and healthy.

Panoramic X-Ray

A panoramic x-ray is used less than a normal digital x-ray, but panoramic x-rays allow us to see a 360º picture of your teeth, sinuses, jaw, and the bone structure of your head. Panoramic x-rays are used when there is a larger underlying issue, such as a cyst or advanced periodontal disease. The x-ray machine will go 360º around your head to give our doctors a view of your head to find where the cause of the problem is and how to plan treatment accordingly. Just like our digital x-ray machine, the panoramic x-ray is safe and accurate, helping our dentists see the best way to help our patients.

Intra-oral Camera

An intra-oral camera is about the size and shape of a pen and is used when dentists need to see a hard-to-reach area that regular x-rays may not be able to see. The intra-oral camera is extremely accurate and shows dentists an enlarged picture of the patients teeth, gums, jaw, and tongue so that they can diagnose problematic oral pain and decide what treatment will be needed. The cameras are painless and extremely safe and can be used while our patients are still in the dental chair. These work especially well for children as they don’t have to leave the chair and see an x-ray machine.


The Cavitron is a handheld device used in periodontal deep cleaning. Instead of cleaning the teeth by hand, the Cavitron uses high frequency sound waves to clean a patient’s teeth quickly, gently, and effectively. The Cavitron is completely safe and helps make our patients more comfortable as it requires less time in a dentist chair while still getting the same great results that traditional scaling provided.

Soft Tissue Lasers

Soft tissue lasers have now replaced traditional dentist tools and procedures, such as drills and surgery. Soft tissue lasers have many benefits and are not limited to only dentistry. Many doctors have begun using soft tissue lasers as they cause less bleeding, are less invasive, are more accurate, and are much faster. This helps patients recover quicker and have less pain overall. In some cases, anesthesia isn’t needed depending on the treatment being done.

Soft tissue lasers can be used for gum reshaping, biopsies, canker sores, root canal infections, and so much more. These lasers sterilize the tissue and seal off blood vessels, making the chance of infection much lower than traditional dental tools and surgery. Our soft tissue lasers have helped many patients recover faster with less pain, bleeding, and chance of infection.

Electric Handpieces

We are constantly working to have the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology for our dentists at Cross, Lavinder, Quinn, & Park Family Dentistry. This is why we use electric handpieces as opposed to traditional air-driven handpieces. Only about half of dentists in the US use electric handpieces, but they are much stronger and more accurate during oral surgery and treatment than traditional air-driven handpieces. By improving the strength and accuracy of our tools, our patients have an easier recovery time with less pain and better results.