Dental Fluoride Treatments

At Cross, Lavinder, Quinn, & Park Family Dentistry, we offer fluoride treatments to our patients to help prevent tooth decay. For decades, dental hygienists have been using fluoride to help patients prevent tooth decay early on and ultimately improve the overall health of your teeth. From kids to adults, everyone can benefit from fluoride treatments during your regularly-scheduled dentist appointments.

Fluoride is the shield for your teeth that helps prevent tooth decay by making teeth stronger and better equipped to fight tooth decay against plaque and sugars. The fluoride is absorbed through the teeth, which is why it sits on your teeth for a short time and then patients are asked not to eat or drink anything for about 30 minutes after a dentist visit. We want to be sure the fluoride is properly absorbed into the teeth for the maximum strength protection for your oral health.

Our dental hygienists at Cross, Lavinder, Quinn, & Park Family Dentistry strive to always provide our patients with the highest quality care in every area, and our fluoride treatments are no different. For more information about fluoride or our fluoride treatments or to schedule an appointment in one of our three locations, contact our offices today to begin protecting your teeth for years to come.

Depending on a patient’s risk level of tooth decay, fluoride treatments are recommended every 3, 6 or 12 months. The fluoride treatments from our dental offices are different than fluoride toothpastes in that it is a much stronger dose all at once. While a fluoride toothpaste and/or mouthwash is fine for upkeep in between dentist visits, fluoride treatments are still the best way to help prevent tooth decay, especially in patients with a higher risk of tooth decay over time. Fluoride can also help speed up remineralization in the teeth as well as disrupt acid erosion.