Who are the Best Dentists in Roanoke?

When you walk into the dentist’s office, you want to make sure that you are in the best care. You not only want to be treated kindly by the receptionist, but most importantly by the dentists and hygienists. You need a dentist that can help calm nerves all while leaving you with a great, healthy smile. Where do you find dentists that are not only the best in Roanoke, but have the best chairside manner, as well? 

Cross, Lavinder, Quinn, and Park Family Dentistry has the best dentists in Roanoke.

We are committed to providing great dentistry in a comfortable environment. We want you to maintain great oral health and a beautiful smile for years to come without stressing or worrying about your next dental appointment. 

What sets our family dentistry apart?

  • Our Dentists: Each of our dentists provide great quality care and kindness to their patients. 
      • Dr. Griffin Cross has been awarded ‘Top Doc,’ Best Chairside Manner, and Best Dentist in local Roanoke polls. 
      • Dr. Lisa Lavinder is the best in cosmetic dentistry and has been awarded “Best of Botetourt” several times in local polls. 
      • Dr. Stephen Quinn is known for his gentle and caring manner which has helped him achieve the award of ‘Best Dentist’. 
      • Dr. Adam Park treats all his patients like they are a part of his own family. He is always furthering his dental education in order to provide the best care to his patients. 
  • Our Services: We want to ensure that our patients are getting the best dental services in the Roanoke area. Our offices have state-of-the-art equipment to help us better serve our patients and provide a variety of dental services.
  • Our Locations: We have three different office locations in the Roanoke area for your convenience. We want to make sure that great dentists are available to you, no matter where you are. 

We want to help provide you and your family with the best smiles in the Roanoke area. Contact us today to schedule your appointments.