Three Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Family Dentist

“What may be great for one, may not be great for all.” While this saying works very well for learning techniques and picky eaters, it does not work for dentists. Every day is jam-packed with soccer practices, little league, football, dance, recitals, school, and so much more. You need a family dentistry that works for your whole family and your individual needs.

Here are some areas to look for when choosing your family dentistry: 

  • Kid Friendly: Whether your child is nervous and in tears or squirming with excitement, you want a dentist who can help calm and take care of your child while still cleaning and checking their teeth. Cross, Lavinder, Quinn, and Park Family Dentistry has the most experienced and patient children’s dental hygienists that your family will trust.  During the appointment, we will gently clean your child’s teeth and remove any plaque build up or tartar. We will examine for potential issues and help prevent tooth decay, all while using our years of experience to calm your child. 
  • Adult Friendly: We understand that it’s not just the children that may be nervous to visit the dentist. We want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable when they visit our dentistry. Here are some reviews from our satisfied adult patients: 
    • Dr. Ward is the best. He makes sure you are comfortable through the whole process and staff is awesome also!! -Stekeshia C.
    • My boyfriend got a tooth pulled at another dentist and ended up getting dry socket. They got him in here at 4:45 on a Friday when no one else would see him until Monday. They were very kind and helpful. Couldn’t have asked for better service. -Nikita R. 
    • Amazing staff and very professional. Dr Quinn treat you with compassion and is very attentive to your dental needs and situation. I highly recommend them. -Bill B. 

Contact us today to schedule appointments for everyone in the family with our amazing dentists in Roanoke and let Cross, Lavinder, Quinn, and Park Dentistry take care of your family’s teeth in a professional and friendly manner.